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Following their 5-year hiatus, Gorillaz have had an exceptional comeback year. Their album 'Humanz' has been an unfathomable success. Charting in the top 5 in over 15 charts worldwide and generating over 600,000 sales, the album reached Silver certification in the band's first year back on the scene. The band's illustrative half, Jamie Hewlett, has revealed that in 2018, the band is expected

The enigmatic producer ZHU released a new single “Intoxicate” yesterday, which continues to conjure up the darkness he imbued in his other singles, and blending deep house, minimalist techno, and acid house. “Intoxicate” follows his remix of the Gorillaz’ track “Andromeda” from their new album Humanz, and was premiered at this year’s Ultra Music Festival in Miami. Part of an overall project

The highly anticipated return of the Gorillaz has finally reached its climax, as the masterminds behind iconic tracks like "Clint Eastwood" and "Feel Good Inc." have just released their fifth studio album "Humanz". Containing 26 monumental tracks, the album signifies the group's return to music after what has been a six-year hiatus. Pulling some of the biggest names in hip-hop and rap, including