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Tonto National Forest in Arizona requires permit applications to be submitted and approved before any event for gatherings of more than 75 people. However, this requirement was completely ignored by the more than 5000 people who gathered illegally there at a large-scale party that involved fireworks and target practice. On top of the violations of illegal use of fireworks and target

The United Kingdom is the absolute center of attention right now due to their fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, and more importantly because of their irresponsible citizens. Home Secretary, Priti Patel has announced at the press conference on January 21, that the UK will impose an £800 fine on people who attend illegal house parties of more than 15 people. She was joined by

A group of establishments in Ibiza are pleading with local authorities to implement harsher on illegal parties, calling for punishments and even closure. Venues such as Ushuaïa, Blue Marlin Ibiza, DC-10 and Café Mambo, are keen to please locals who have made a series of complaints over the unlicensed events, with the recent council crackdown seeing music banned at beach parties.