Illegal Rave Tag

Police have praised the crowd at an illegal rave as the party was broken up in Wanstead, North London this past Saturday. The illegal rave took place from Saturday night into early Sunday morning at the Wanstead flats in North London but was quickly shut down when police were notified. Much to the raver's surprise, the Churchfields Police stated that the

On St Stephen's Day (26 December) when the country of Ireland was under strict new restrictions, hundreds of partygoers gathered at the Skyrne Castle to attend an illegal rave. The castle, which is around 21 miles (35km) from Dublin, was built sometime between 1172 and 1175 and was rented by the rave organiser from popular holiday accommodation site Airbnb. It was reported

Approximately 10,000 people attended an illegal rave in Lozère, France last weekend as coronavirus numbers are back on the rise in the country. This specific event violated current lockdown rules as a ban on social gatherings of over 5,000 people was severely neglected in one of France’s least populated regions. Party-goers arrived in hundreds of cars as thousands gathered in a national park