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The IMS Business Report 2022 is finally out and has provided the hard numbers and fact-based statements on trends within the electronic community. While there are a plethora of keynotes from the report, an interesting trend is seeing how DJ software & hardware have a year-over-year increase of 14% leading with a valuation of $1.2bn. It is speculated that the monstrous

There's no secret that electronic artists have dominated the NFT space, and according to findings published by the IMS Business Report 2022, this is more evident than ever. 64% of all identified music NFT issues worth $55.4m were issued by electronic artists. By a long shot, the most successful artist in this space was 3LAU. Early on, he released NFTs to

According to the IMS Business Report 2022, only 1,650 artists make over $65,000 annually from their streaming catalogue. “It has been brutally difficult for artists to make a living from making and playing music,” says Silvia Montello, Association for Electronic Music Although the true number of this is actually lower when you factor in that a lot of these artists split

According to the recently announced IMS Business Report 2022, Electronic Music is 6th out of 7th for social media shares and actions compared to other genres such as R&B and Hip-Hop music. IMS partnered with Shareablee to provide an understanding of how the Top 100 Spotify Electronic Music artists perform across social media platforms. Every year the International Music Summit (IMS) presents the annual IMS

The annual IMS Business Report arrived full of highly relevant topics. Especially after all the transformations brought by the pandemic, it becomes even more pertinent to stop and analyze the data, to better understand the impact that the events of the collective everyday life have on the industry. Racial issues have always been present, even if in some hushed way,

The annual IMS Business Report has just been unveiled, and in it is a lot of interesting facts and figures about the music industry, streaming and much more. We Rave You is looking more in depth into this report, sharing the interesting facts and figures featured within. In one particular section, it details how electronic music has exploded in popularity across social media

The International Music Summit, which is a multi-day electronic music conference in Ibiza, just finished taking place this week. Today, the Pete Tong-founded conference released their annual IMS Business Report, which features new information regarding the business side throughout the entire industry. Over the past half-decade, Latin America has played a crucial role in the development of the electronic music scene.