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Even before the pandemic forced borders to close, there were already isolated countries, cities, and regions. Geographical isolation is often easier to overcome than ideological isolation. Sometimes the walls are so high that not even music can break them down. Fortunately, this reality seems to be changing in Saudi Arabia, as David Boyle described in this year's IMS Business Report,

The annual IMS Business Report arrived full of highly relevant topics. Especially after all the transformations brought by the pandemic, it becomes even more pertinent to stop and analyze the data, to better understand the impact that the events of the collective everyday life have on the industry. Racial issues have always been present, even if in some hushed way,

The annual IMS Business Report has just been unveiled, and in it is a lot of interesting facts and figures about the music industry, streaming and much more. We Rave You is looking more in depth into this report, sharing the interesting facts and figures featured within. In one particular section, it details how electronic music has exploded in popularity across social media

Rounding off an interesting year to say the least, the International Music Summit (IMS) will be presenting its annual IMS Business Report on Monday 28th of June! As the leading platform for business, culture and education in global electronic music, the IMS will be diving into all the latest statistics and figures relating to the electronic dance scene, in a year