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Following his death, the iconic Coolio hit record "Gangsta's Paradise" has reached number one on US iTunes. On the day following the passing of iconic rapper Coolio, his most synonymous record, "Gansta's Paradise" has seen an upsurge in popularity on iTunes in the United States. The demand was so much so that it occupied the number one and number six spots simultaneously

The end of iTunes is coming, as well as other important changes within the giant tech company Apple. Apple CEO Tim Cook is attending the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, California, alongside other company leaders. During their keynote presentation, they are expected to reveal the last updates, as well as develop in the ones that have already been disclosed. One

Apple's iPod Touch hasn't seen a new update since 2015. With all other models discontinued, this was well due for an update. Following the updates of MacBook Air and Mac Mini, Apple has gone and delivered the 7th generation iPod Touch. The device will pack an A10 Fusion Chip, which is used by iPhone7 & iPhone7 s. Also, with features such as

For many years now, Apple has ruled the music industry. The introduction of the iPod kicked CD players to the kerb, dawning a new era in music technology. They have now become the first United States company with a market cap of over $1 trillion, they officially crossed the finish line on August 2nd when its stock crossed the $207.05 per

For many years, iTunes ruled the music industry. The introduction of the iPod kicked CD players to the kerb, dawning a new era in music technology. While loading 1000's of songs onto the tiny device was undoubtedly a game-changer, the introduction of music streaming proved to be more convenient - thus spearheading iTunes' fall from grace. According to Digital Music

Providing a platform that can rival the likes of Spotify and Apple for their current streaming service's would take a giant company with plenty of years of experience, a loyal and vast fan base, and a lot of money to be invested. By that reckoning, it would probably take the biggest music site in the world, so its great news

With the growth of streaming services higher than ever, Apple have announced their intention to close the famous iTunes store. The online buying platform, which proved the stepping stone for the digital music revolution of the early 21st century, competing with giants like Napster, was a catalyst in the growth of the iPod, with customers worldwide, buying tracks from the

With 2017 coming to a close, all kinds of statistics, data and analyses are typically released to the public for their reading pleasure. Radio host Mike Adam of New York's 102.7 Fresh recently Tweeted the best selling male artists in the world on iTunes right now. While Ed Sheeran and Post Malone round out the top 2, American DJ/Producer Marshmello made up up the top three. With

Following their past collaborations "Where Have You Been" and "We Found Love", Calvin Harris and Rihanna recently reunited for another astounding production. Titled "This Is What You Came For", the two powerhouses certainly set themselves up for another successful hit, which occurred more quickly than anticipated. Harris and Rihanna's latest single has now officially reached the #1 spot of the iTunes charts

As for the need of a constant portal of quality music, there is no looking further when you have subscribed to Axtone's Axtone Presents podcast on iTunes. Featuring the likes of Robby Rivera, Dirty South, Tom Staar, Shapov, Camelphat and the label boss Axwell himself among others, there is an underlying notion of being a tastemaker when one is behind the

In what we think was a, not very well thought out decision - the United Kingdom High Court has essentially turned iTunes illegal, in regards to taking music you purchase physical copies of, and not allowing it to be ripped to programs like iTunes for personal use. We've all done it, purchased a disc and then copied the files to

Avicii enlists the help of some big names to bring us the remix package for his latest hit – "Waiting For Love". The remarkable single from the ever-talented Swede featuring vocals by Simon Aldred and co-produced by Martin Garrix has already been a commercial success all over the world, with the single so far achieving 78 million plays on Spotify. However, this