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iZotope has been dominating the music production industry for a while now with its state-of-the-art plugins. Their mixing & mastering plugins have been used by many professionals and even Grammy-award-winning artists, such as Greg Kurstin and Emily Lazar. iZotope's RX8 is used for audio restoration and has been gaining quite some traction among music producers. We're excited to share an

Renowned plugin manufacturers iZotope recently announced the release of their newest recording device called Spire Studio (2nd generation). iZotope Spire Studio is a wireless, rechargeable device that lets you record vocals, instruments, etc. on the fly. Spire Studio is now available for purchase on a large number of retailers across the globe.   | Baby Audio All Plugins Giveaway - Click here to

iZotope, a company from Massachusetts, United States specializes in audio technology, providing professional audio software, plug-ins, hardware, mobile apps, and have won multiple Engineering Emmy Awards for their work. iZotope's key products were for sure Ozone & RX, but this honorable group can soon be enriched with the newest child of the company, iZotope Neoverb - a reverb that listens. Engineers' goal was