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Being a track that has gotten considerable attention from online streaming platforms such as Spotify and in-store music radio services, Canadian DJ and producer J-Hamz's recent single titled 'Keep On Lovin'' has made quite a name for itself in the Dance music world. Featuring vocals from singer Jesse Peters, credit for the track's success is due in part to the remix contest package that

With the multiple styles of production that feature in today's Dance music spectrum, the original tracks are never enough - remixes do well to complement the original's success. Depending on this very principle, Canadian DJ and producer J-Hamz organized a successful remix competition for his single 'Keep On Lovin'' with singer Jesse Peters. Back yet again with a fresh 2-track compilation, the

After having seen the remix contest for his track 'I Stack Up' do so well to deliver sumptuous remixes for the original, Canadian DJ and producer J-Hamz is back with results of yet another such contest. Organized in collaboration with Digital Empire Records, the remix contest was touted to deliver top notch renditions of J-Hamz' track 'Keep On Lovin'' featuring singer/songwriter Jesse Peters. And deliver

Canadian DJ and producer J-Hamz has officially unveiled the winners of Digital Empire Records' remix contest for the track "I Stack Up". The recently released package features incredible remixes from Colorado native Ready Or Not, up-and-coming talent SStretch, big room powerhouse Xandie, hardstyle and Melbourne bounce producer EzKill, and Italian mastermind N.A.T. The original record is the title track of J-Hamz' 'I