In an attempt to go beyond the recent struggles and drama around his former Dash Berlin persona, Dutch DJ, performer and producer Jeffrey Sutorius is back to the chart with his first-ever solo release. The last few months have seen Eelke Kalberg and Sebastian Molijn, the other two members of the Dash Berlin persona, stuck in conflict with Jeffrey over the moniker's rights -

After confirming new music in 2019, Dash Berlin finally teased their first release since their split from Jeffrey Sutorius. The former trio is best-known for catchy-trance tunes such as 'Till The Sky Falls Down' and 'Heaven' feat. Do. For those who don't know, or might have forgotten, the former trio of Dash Berlin, Jeffrey Sutorius, Eelke Kalberg and Sebastian Molijn went through a battle for the name of Dash

Perhaps one of dance music's most iconic trio due to its esoteric composition, the Dutch group of Dash Berlin had been a house in decorum for much of its existence. But after the incidents in June, which led to the removal of the group's face & frontman Jeffrey Sutorius from most aspects of Dash Berlin's online presence, nothing remains so sure anymore. While

The last few months have been somewhat turbulent for former Dash Berlin frontman Jeffrey Sutorius, who back in June, announced his departure from the Dutch electronic music trio. Although what seemed to be a potentially uncertain future for the individual, Jefferey's solo career has gotten off to a shining start. Just recently, the music producer announced his plans to go solo, and released

The past few weeks have been very crazy regarding the Dash Berlin legal ownership case. There is a convoluted tangle involving those involved in the Dash Berlin project, and who should have rightful ownership of the brand. Recently, the Twitter and Facebook accounts for the group Dash Berlin were altered to no longer include frontman Jeff Sutorius. Eelke Kalberg and Sebastiaan Molijn are names involved in the story as