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With New Year's Eve fast approaching, all the biggest DJ's are set to play some of the most prestigious venues all around the world to bring in the new year. As one of the premier clubbing destinations in the world hosting Ultra Europe, Croatia will once again offer a massive line-up to ring in 2017. Croatia Winter Music Festival, the nation's brand

Under the Armada Trice label, Jochen Miller of the Netherlands, and Cuebrick, come together to create a beautifully mastered progressive house track. "In the Dark" was released Monday featuring a soothing melody and stunning vocals to accompany it. DJ Jochen has developed his unique sound around the tech, trance, and progressive house sub-genres of dance music. Jochen got his start at the early

Not many people would know the late 2009 Trance-legend that is Jochen Miller. With his earlier releases such as Humanoid, Brace Yourself, and Upad, you'd think that this talented DJ had his heart set in the Trance scene for many more years to come.  But his latest Progressive-tracks would argue otherwise. 2015 is looking like a huge year for Miller and his label