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The globally renowned audio streaming and media services provider Spotify is set to return with political advertisements yet again after banning them in 2020 amidst the elections in the United States. A lot of allegations were circulated back then blaming the platform for spreading misinformation online. As a matter of fact, Spotify will refrain from accepting ads from any sort of issue-based

The global music streaming giant Spotify has seen a significantly large increase in traffic at its cancellation page from its premium users, indicating that the audience is certainly disappointed about something. The number of users thinking about canceling their Spotify music subscription has nearly tripled over the last few weeks, with a 196% increase in the last 7 days itself.

Although the Covid-19 pandemic has been ongoing for almost 2 years now, the spread of harmful misinformation on social media platforms continues at the forefront of news headlines. Streaming giant Spotify is the newest company to come under fire for misinformation as 270 US scientists, doctors and other healthcare professionals write an open letter criticising misinformation on The Joe Rogan