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Nicky Romero has landed an outstanding electro house remix of John Dahlbäck's 2008 release entitled "Pyramid". 3 years after the tracks original release, Dutch heavyweight Nicky Romero has delivered a masterful remix of John Dahlbäck's popular melodic number "Pyramid". Injecting relentless new energy into the track, Romero crafts additional atmosphere around the original with a classic combination of bass, percussion and synth-work. The remix drives

With more than 10 years experience in the industry, Swedish mastermind John Dahlback has established himself as one of the most consistent, versatile and uniquely talented producers out there. Ever since the release of his monster track 'Raven' at the end of July, fans have been waiting in eager anticipation for the full release of his album 'Saga'. This time has finally come, as

Not too long after his smashing single 'Raven', Swedish star John Dahlbäck returns for the second single of his forthcoming 'Saga' album. In 'Atlantis', the track has enchanting vocals, an inspiring string melody, and powerful percussions. In addition, the melodic lines on top of the pure bass bring something really punchy. Then, the fusion of instruments and synths give a beautiful progressive house styled melody

From the same producer that brought us therapeutic melodic tracks, "Heartbeat" and "Embrace Me", John Dahlbäck returns with his latest single, titled “Raven”. Unlike his previous work that is dominated by melodic progressive house, this time he hits us with a harder electro/pseudo-future house track. "Raven" has already been featured on Avicii's "Le7els" radio, and it will only climb up on