Pioneering in marrying the electronic music and crypto worlds together in unique ways, artist JOOLIA (also being a member of the popular group Beverly Pills) not only does this but also releases mind-bending tracks spanning multiple genres. With her latest release, she has transcended genres once again for 'Crypto Rave'. With her SoundCloud bio stating 'crypto rave queen', JOOLIA has certainly

Looking to make their own mark within the industry, Beverly Pills have just released their latest single ‘Lady.’ This project is a unit of professional producers, DJs and electronic composers,” comprised by Russian artists Evgeny Prokhorov (Rockadello), Dmitry Fomin (Dj Fomin), and Julia Baiguzhova (JØØLíA). With the trios popularity on the rise, their first taste of success came with the release of their remix of ’Nentori’ by Arlena Ara. Reaching

Miami based producer and DJ, JOOLIA, has released a new track titled ‘BitClout People’. For context, ‘BitClout People’ is a musical piece about the new social media called BitClout. BitClout, a cryptocurrency platform designed to operate as a social network, mix of Twitter & Bitcoin. Users can use BitClout coins to buy a Creator's Coin and watch its value change based on the creator's popularity on