It is safe to say no matter where we are in the world, Insomniac has always come to the rescue when we needed to re-connect with our music community during the COVID-19 pandemic. From bringing the best exclusive live-stream entertainment to even building the anticipation for EDC Mexico 2021, Insomniac has not only satisfied music lovers around the world but has brought

Recognized for satisfying all those trap and bass enthusiasts around the globe, HARD Summer has clearly never disappointed their attendees when it comes to consistently delivering stellar lineups every year. Feeling a little hungry for a BBQ fueled with diversified beats? We have got you covered as HARD Summer BackHARD BBQ has just announced their virtual lineup for this weekend.

Jonney Ford aka JOYRYDE is widely recognized for his ability to takes his listeners on a ride through his own circuit paved with genre-bending records and gleaming visual production. From crafting his very own masterpieces which include the famous 'HARI KARI' signature which leaves listeners questioning themselves about where this genre-defying producer has been all their lives.With a strong team supporting him

It's a known fact that fans of bass house DJ Joyryde have been anticipating his debut album for well over a year now. Everyone knows that creating a debut album can be a daunting thing for artists. The pressure to deliver a high quality piece of work and something that not only them but the fans will be completely happy with is

Recognised for his genre-bending records and ferocious bass drops, JOYRYDE has been pushing the pedal since day one. Although much has progressed since our exclusive interview with the bass house god himself over two 2 years ago, JOYRYDE still remains true to his signature hard-hitting sound which undoubtedly gasses up the crowd with the utmost energy. Always full of surprises, JOYRYDE

After jumping onto the electronic dance music scene in style and captivating millions of music lovers with his hard-hitting dubstep sound and with it, an arsenal of original releases. From ‘Scary Monsters And Nice Spirits‘ to ‘Bangarang‘. 2018 has been an interesting year for Skrillex so far, the American superstar DJ and producer has been releasing and working on plenty of new, old and co-produced

With heavy hopes riding on the quality and dynamic of 'Agen Wida' to dramatically alter the state of musical direction amongst artists globally, the newly named collaboration between Skrillex & JOYRYDE has the bass house fandom going haywire. Well, bass lovers it's almost time to rejoice because the time has finally arrived, not in the form of the tunes release quite yet

The success of a track within the electronic community is not always determined on its ability to sell or be streamed, but more so on the amount of times the track is played by other DJ's. Sikdope saw one of his previous tracks 'Snakes' fulfilling that criteria as one of the highest played tracks of 2016 when it was released,