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Italian Producer/DJ Mark Jordan has returned with another Big Room tune. Born in Calabria in the lovely Southwestern region of Italy, Jordan has released a number of tracks on Soundcloud and has been met with ample success after charting in the top 10 in Reverbnation's International EDM chart. The track opens with a forceful tonal kick and a gradually ascending lead synth.

Dutch producer Dannic has had a massive rise over the past number of years. To thank his fans for the support, he has decided to give away his brand new track "Jungle" for free. The electro house tune really shows off Dannic's signature sound, and even has some Big Room elements in it too. This is surely a track which will

There's just something about the Jungle Terror sound that is taking the EDM world by storm. Be it the bone-shaking percussion, heart-thumping kicks, and common use of tribal vocal samples - it's as if it hits some sort of primal note in our brain that sets our bodies into a rhythmic craze. Leading the charge for this sound is none other