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While his endless repository of production talent is well established in the Dance music industry, Michael Brun's productions hardly ever fail to surprise even when keen listeners finally thinks they have caught his flow. Take for example his latest double-release comprising of tracks ‘Jalouzi’ and ‘Soweto’, both, while part of the same release, are quite contrasting productions and are enjoyable in

Dutch brothers DubVision have been relatively quiet on the release front in recent months, at least for their standards. And having announced at the end of 2016 that they will be taking their music in a slightly different direction from the melodic progressive house that they are renowned for, the pair have been experimenting with unique and creative sounds, whilst

Dutch producers DubVision are renowned across the globe for their awe-inspiring tracks and unforgettable live shows. The duo of Stephan and Victor Leicher have continuously stunned listeners everywhere with their ability to craft some of the best-sounding productions in the business. Throughout their career, DubVision have garnered a vast amount of success as a result of their incredible releases such