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With Disclosure regarded as pioneers of a new musical movement which saw a shift away from the EDM glory years of 2009-2012, UK brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence (aka Disclosure) released perhaps their most iconic track of all back on this day in 2012. Roping in the vocals of a then-unknown singer by the name of Sam Smith, 'Latch' featured

Disclosure are an award winning English electronic music duo consisting of brothers Howard and Guy Lawrence. Together they have produced an impressive catalogue of successful releases like the timeless 'Latch', 'F For You' and 'White Noise', they have also released 2 successful studio albums which both climbed to the #1 place in the UK. After the success of their surprise collaboration

Esteemed UK duo Disclosure have finally resurfaced with their newest vocal house jam 'Ultimatum'. In fact, with an accompanying statement, the duo makes it a point to comment about their silence and rediscovery of new sounds: Hello world! Sorry it’s been a while this time.. We have been missing you all immensely, so we wanted to share something we’ve been working on with

The last time we saw these masterminds combining forces was on October 8, 2012, debuting what has become a multi-platinum selling record, "Latch" became a contemporary radio crossover-hit and bursted into the U.S. in 2014, peaking the 7th place Billboard's Hot 100 chart later that year. Now, hot on the heels of their cooperation announcement with Pop renowned singer/songwriter Lorde, garage-house tastemakers Disclosure