Tomorrowland has made it's return after a two year break due to global restrictions and concerns over Covid-19. To celebrate, they recreated the 'Reflection of Love' mainstage with Lego. While the Tomorrowland festival has always been known for it's iconic and detailed stage creation, the organizers made sure to present something special for the 2022 edition of the event. The already

It's been one year since Daft Punk announced their retirement and while there has been some good news surrounding the duo, it also looks like Daft Punk's iconic helmets may soon become a LEGO collectible. In January 2021, a creator named Eliot O'Brien submitted a model idea of the signature Daft Punk helmets to the LEGO submission website where people all over

Inspiring creativity and encouraging those across the world to further develop their imagination, LEGO definitely plays an important role to many children and adults globally by establishing a model of learning through playing. Whether this is bringing back memories to your time building the most epic fighter jets, racecars, stadiums, and more, or assisting you in your next purchase, it