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As the COVID-19 pandemic loomed at the start of 2021, and many countries saw the worst of it in the early months, festivals seemed to be the last thing that people thought would happen this past year. Several countries enforced the strictest lockdowns they could while others allowed people to live life normally again. For us festival and event devotees, it

Steve Aoki is known for his unexpected collaborations, big stage presence, and quirky, yet innovative knick-knacks and now he's back on stage at Lollapalooza performing with the American rock band All Time Low.  In tweets from the show, the band can be seen jumping alongside Aoki.  All Time Low is best known for their punk rock hits spanning the early

With live shows and festivals starting to take place again across the country as the United States begins to open up, all eyes have been focussed on Chicago's most legendary and iconic festival Lollapalooza on whether it will go ahead later this year. Although Lollapalooza's founder Perry Farrell seemed optimistic for festivals to return back in March, nerves were still running high earlier this week as

As events around the world continue to be postponed or cancelled, announcements from major festivals are big news. The latest comes from the longstanding Lollapalooza festival, which has taken place since 1991 and is firmly established as one of the cornerstones of the US festival scene. The 2020 edition, slated to take place on July 30 to August 2, has

The iconic Bootshaus Club in Cologne (Germany) has just announced they will be closing its doors until April 19th after the measures adopted by the local German government ahead of the Covid-19 concerns that is striking Europe right now. The music festival scene is currently going through hard times. In fact, it's difficult to remember the last time we experienced a

Another one bites the dust. Lollapalooza, a marquee festival, was canceled in Argentina and Chile after coronavirus cases are starting to rise. With 30 confirmed cases and 1 death due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) at the time of this posting, Buenos Aires has canceled all public gatherings. Gustavo Posse, the mayor of San Isidro (were the event takes place) stated: "For reasons

The Swedish DJs and producers forming Galantis, Christian Karlsson (aka Bloodshy) and Linus Eklöw (aka Style of Eye), have just released what it has become their third studio album.  This new 14-track long play titled 'Church' is out now via Big Beat Records. After their massive success with the release of their previous albums 'Pharmacy' in 2015 and The Aviary in 2017, 'Church' promises