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Los Angeles based duo WizG have brought their energetic, uptempo production style into 2019 with a bang behind their latest tune, 'Back To You.' The poppy production features notable topliner Mechi Pieretti who's renowned for her vocal and writing work on major labels such as Spinnin' Records, Sony Music, and even Playstation VR. Although individually, WizG and Mechi Pieretti may not be "household names," however together,

Matt Baer is a name that is beginning to gain more prominence within the electronic music scene. Recently, this upcoming producer showcased his talents to the world with an outstanding remix of Lost Kings' original production titled "Phone Down". Prior to this release, Matt Baer dropped an astounding rendition of Mako's track called "Smoke Filled Room". This particular remix was well-received

Los Angeles based duo Lost Kings have experienced a rapid rise through the dance music ranks in the last year or so. They began establishing a name for themselves and gathering a healthy following by remixing some of the biggest songs of the last 12 months, including Imagine Dragons, Echosmith and Mako. And now they are making the leap into creating