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Lotus Prime has just released a new heavy-hitting track entitled 'Digital Ghost'. Lotus Prime is a new up-and-coming DJ/producer who has weaved his way through killer bass while releasing a handful of eclectic mixes throughout the past few years. Now the talented artist is back and better than ever with his first original release 'Digital Ghost' which is filled to the brim

Billie Eilish is one of the biggest and most relevant names in musical history as of right now. The 18-year-old has just come off the high of her Grammy sweep, and it looks like she's completely unstoppable. With this said, it's not surprising that everyone wants to get in on the action and remix her tracks to fit them into the electronic world,

Back at the end of last year, Lotus Prime made his musical debut with a beautiful single 'Spirit Tracks'. Previously being involved in the acting world and wanting to pursue music also, it's worked out in his favour as he has bags of talent to kickstart an extremely successful career in electronic music. He has dabbled in making music since he was a

Lotus Prime is a unique individual. Not only does he create music but he also acts! Real name Braeden Baade, he is based in Los Angeles and has featured on massively popular television show ’Parks and Recreation’ and ‘Days of Our Lives’ as well as being the lead in multiple independent films. Always keeping himself busy, not only is he conquering the acting world but now