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He's back at it. The Mexican youngster is back with a remix full of "Magic". Loudan is a name you may not know, but that you definitely should keep an eye on. Just a few months ago, he decided to take a risky turn with his career, a huge change of style, from progressive house to a more experimental genre. But

It has been a couple of months since Mexican producer Loudan has stayed strangely quiet. This time was not taken just for the sake of making people wait, it was planned and was an important time for the young producer to decide where he wanted to take his musical career. Loudan has proved that he can take over many genres, that his

Loudan is a little known 18-year-old Mexico-based producer, althought that may not be the case for too much longer. Bringing you a free download through his new remix of Dirty South's anthemic hit "Find A Way", and with the support of big names in the scene already, such as Afrojack or Henrix, Loudan is making his way to the top pretty quickly. It is one