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French up and comer Luciani has evolved his sound significantly over the last couple of years, moving away from a more mainstream tropical house vibe to some heavy underground techno. One thing that remains constant is his overall production quality, as he continues to deliver unique and original content while blending experimental sounds, meaning this rising star has definitely set himself up for tremendous success

Camille Luciani has returned once again with a brand new single that certainly keeps the ball rolling. Recently, the French producer has released some incredible tracks including a couple of mind-boggling edits of Sub Space’s “Thirteen” and Throwing Snow’s “Clasp”. Aside from these two productions, Luciani has also caught the attention of numerous listeners from across the globe with records

One of France’s upcoming bright talents is back once again with a majestic piece of production. Camille Luciani, who recently stunned the world with an edit of Sub Space’s “Thirteen”, has returned for another official edit, this time, of Throwing Snow’s “Clasp”. In addition to this track, the producer from Porto-Vecchio has had several high-quality releases, including the funky “Dance

DJ and producer Camille Luciani is one of France’s upcoming talents who burst into the scene with a funky tune titled “Dance Like A Robot”. Tracks such as the relaxing “Ozone 3.0” and the uplifting “Discomotion” soon followed and to kick off 2016, Luciani returns for yet another groovy release. This producer from Porto-Vecchio edits Sub Space’s original techno track “Thirteen”