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The biggest music conference in the world - ADE is very close to shaping up the full Festival schedule for their 2016th edition. With more than 2000 performers every year, Amsterdam will be turning into the dance capital of the world from October 19th to October 23rd. Hundreds of club nights are hosted each night, converting the dutch capital into the

Luminosity Events is one of the few organizations who continuously work towards keeping trance alive in The Netherlands. Despite the fact that the country is one of the originators of the genre, its crowd has drastically changed their music direction in the past decade. Upon the extinction of legendary events such as Trance Energy & Mystery Land, trance has lost

Electronic music has been particularly big in Europe ever since it's existence, but with booming markets such as North America & South-East Asia, the old continent slowly began hiding in the shadow of the new party destinations. Even though trance was basically born in Western Europe, most trance festivals either vanished or switched directions. We all reminisce about the good