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Up and coming electronic music group EpicFail have crashed 2018 with their unique sound and musical fervor. The trio made up friends, Mike Soriano, Zaahir Moloo, and Fez have stormed unto the scene by slowly establishing themselves with tunes such as 'Flame By' which debuted via Armada Chill. The trio have continued to showcase their sound through remixes and originals alike which

Coming off of their success of "Morphine" with Thomas Gold, Lush & Simon are back with a new progressive hit, "Warriors", which features the fantastic KiFi & BullySongs.     The combination of all of these artists brings some great new sounds to the table, and "Warrior" is a track for the ages. A positive, feel-good tune that really brings the heat. Starting with very easy guitar

When you hear the names Thomas Gold and Lush & Simon in the same sentence, there will only be good connotations. Packed with German precision and Italian flare, it's fair to say the combining on their talents delivers a full-fledged, fully-satisfying anthem. Suitably titled "Morphine", the addictive nature of the track will leave its melodic progression and symphonic chords in your

Lush & Simon are set to take on one of Europe's most iconic club venues - Retro Music Hall Prague. Tipped as one of the continents most modern clubs, the venue has over a thousand square meters of space for 1 thousand party-goers eager to have a good time. The 24m² LED screen will be blessed with the logo of Lush &