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As information has become more readily available to everyone worldwide, awareness and bright lights being shown on issues all over the world has become commonplace. One of the issues is the problems surrounding immigration and separation of families. Carnage spreads awareness to this issue with his new single and music video named 'Letting People Go' featuring Prinze George. Carnage, born as

Announcing his return after a short hiatus, American DJ and producer Carnage has issued an emotional statement, detailing the reasons for his need to leave the scene for a while. Sometimes the words are best coming from the horse's mouth. So without further a do, below is the full statement from Carnage. He talks about his friendship with Avicii, and

On April 20th, earlier this year, the electronic dance music scene was shocked to hear the passing of arguably dance music's biggest and most talented artist of current times. To get an idea of the magnitude Swedish music producer Avicii had not only on the electronic dance music scene but globally around the world, the late DJ was the second most searched for

Guatemalan-American DJ Carnage has announced the release date for his upcoming album 'Battered Bruised & Bloody'. Having announced his album back in January and that its release would come on March 2nd, the music producer is now set to drop his debut album next Friday on April 13, 2018. Making the announcement all the more exciting, Carnage has unveiled a full tracklist for