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With their fourth album on the way it comes as no surprise that record-breaking, world-dominating trio Major Lazer have dropped their latest release. The Jamaican-American group have produced some of the most loved and most listened to tracks in the digital age, so expectations run high as their upcoming collection nears its reveal. 'QueLoQue' continues the trend of top notch

Major Lazer have officially announced their fourth album, 'Music Is The Weapon', dropping on October 23rd. The release will be the first full album by the trio since 2015's 'Peace Is The Mission'. Moreover, it is the first album with new member Ape Drums, who joined Diplo and Walshy Fire after Jillionaire left the group in 2019. Undoubtedly, this album will

Megan Thee Stallion's 'Savage' went viral on TikTok earlier this year. With an easily recognisable and replicable dance, the track blew up and even received a remix from Beyoncé. Stallion now boasts over 23 million monthly listeners on Spotify, no doubt helped in part to 'Savage'. With popularity of this magnitude, it caught the attention of Jamaican-American dance music trio Major

The iconic American festival Electric Forest 2020, scheduled to take place in Rothbury (Michigan) on June 25-28th, has officially been cancelled after the severe consequences that Coronavirus is having in United States that made completely impossible the celebration of the event. Electric Forest was getting ready for what was most probably going to be another amazing edition counting with a massive

Major Lazer returns with a brand new single, in a much needed time. Teaming up with Marcus Mumford, the frontman of Mumford & Sons, Major Lazer releases 'Lay Your Head On Me.' The single features a perfect combination of Mumford's folk-rock and Major Lazer's electronic styles. Co-written with MØ, 'Lay Your Head On Me' is a must-listen track. This release sees Marcus

Ever since the outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), DJs and producers are locking themselves in urging fans to do the same. To make this period easier for each and everyone, loads of them are currently live-streaming past performances, new sets from their living room (or pool), live Q&A’s or just chatting away with their fans. Diplo is no exception to that.

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Diplo and the Major Lazer team have been down in Brazil to celebrate Carnival, however their performances haven't come without their troubles though as a shooting occurred before they were due to perform on Tuesday down in South America. In São Paulo, a man and a woman were reportedly shot after an attempted theft, bringing the show to a halt. Luckily all