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The Balearic nightclubs association (ABONE) has started its negotiating to reopen this summer with the local government after months of miscommunication and uncertainty. The results of the meeting have received a very positive feedback and there might exist a good chance that we could actually see clubs reopening its doors this summer. As reported by the local media Diario de Mallorca, the

Spain is willing to welcome international tourism again this summer, as the vaccination schemes in Europe keep progressing. Spain's Tourism Secretary of State Fernando Valdés has even gone further in a recent interview with Sky News, stating that the Spanish country is 'desperate to welcome' tourism again this summer. This news keep giving faith to the local Spanish tourism, who are

2017 has not only been a successful year for artists and labels but also Ibiza Global Radio who are gearing for another successive year as electronic music's best radio station. A pioneering and leading radio station in its genre, Ibiza Global Radio has undoubtedly headed into the new year ready for new challenges as well as an increasing amount of