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Swedish melodic House Producer/DJ Marcus Mouya is back with yet another smash-hit; this time coming in the form of an infectious Progressive House tune titled 'The Light'. Following the successful releases of 'Blushin' Around You' and 'Get High', Marcus' latest anthem is ready to step up to the plate and light up the summer sky. Kicking off with uplifting strings and smooth

Just a week after his latest release 'Get High', Marcus Mouya returns with yet another summertime smash, entitled 'Blushin Around You'. The Swede has a knack for producing catchy tropical summertime tunes featuring a fusion of pop and house influence. Coming off his fifth 2018 release, Mouya has had a stellar 2018 so far debuting new tunes one after another. Of

Swedish tropical house producer Marcus Mouya is back again with another melodic treat featuring vocalist Bodhi Jones. This time the up and comer gives us a relaxing groove in 'Get High'. The smooth guitar clad tune gives us an everlasting taste of summertime, between the  sonically simple structure, moving sax lines and catchy vocals Marcus Mouya takes us a world away. The

Somewhere between a spike in vocal dance music on the European airwaves and the domestication of polished tropical house within the global charts, the agenda for accessible, chart-primed electronic music has become a bit of a flat affair. The enthusiasm was there, but something lacked in the songwriting that allowed the more practiced genres to succeed and inevitably make the vocal

We've been covering up and coming producer Marcus Mouya for a while now and we're delighted to say he's back with a brand new album entitled "Meraki". The 15 track album is a scorcher for fans of Avicii-esque dance music and features a number of enthralling collaborations. Opening with the laid back "Where The Heart Is" sets the record off on a nice

Melodic house producer Marcus Mouya has undoubtedly been catching the attention of many dance music lovers as of late. His superior productions have continuously refreshed every listener’s ears with their awe-inspiring progressions and uplifting sounds. Evidently, nothing has changed as Mouya delivers another heartwarming track titled “The Fairytale”, solidifying his status once again as one of the industry’s most innovative and