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An artist website is like having your studio online. It is the platform to showcase your artwork to people so that they can learn more about you and what you do. Your website design should be neat and attractive. You should also choose good fonts for your website to beautify its structure. Having a good website can even be more effective

The music industry has evolved incredibly in the last decade. Digitalization and the internet has transformed the music world and how the modern composer makes and distributes music. In addition, the rise of social media and platforms like YouTube has increased competition and given many more artists the chance to gain success. If you are completing papers writing and your education,

Havas-owned mobile agency Mobext has signed a global partnership with mobile app shazam to provide clients with mobile marketing technology. The agreement will provide Mobext with access to Shazam's products, as well as sharing and exchanging data for global re-targeting and profiling. Shazam will provide Mobext with specific clusters created to deepen the understanding of mobile consumer behavior, as well as access