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Marten Hørger is back with a new single that will be your next club anthem entitled 'Love All Night'. Hørger continues his hot streak of this year's singles with the new self-released piece 'Love All Night', which perfectly represents his already signature style, dubbed "high energy house." The new record begins with plucky melodies underneath a soulful vocal, and the lyrics immediately set the

Marten Hørger has just released a groovy house record entitled 'Sent From Above' with LittGloss featuring Loud Tiger. Marten Hørger proves his mastermind capabilities yet again on his new single, 'Sent From Above', in which he teamed up with Danish producer duo LittGloss and Danish singer/songwriter Loud Tiger. The artists have created a proper house gem on the track, which opens with strong piano melodies and soulful vocals for an

Leaving no doubt to the imagination, David Guetta has joined forces with Marten Hørger for the release of an absolute banger, entitled 'The Freaks.' A Future Rave collaboration for the ages, both sets of artists' have showcased their undeniable musical prowess. Blessing fans alike with yet another Future Rave banger, David Guetta has joined forces with Marten Hørger, for the release of