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Following his sensational performance at iconic London venue Printworks during the winter, Canadian superstar deadmau5 has unveiled the eagerly anticipated release of 'mau5ville: Level 3', a selection of the most incredible new releases on his Mau5trap label. With Level 3 including music from deadmau5 himself, the release also includes tracks from the likes of No Mana, C.O.Z, OFFAIAH, and many more.

Just a little over a month since Mau5ville: Level 1 featuring work from Getter, GTA, Rob Swire, and more Mau5trap seems to be pointing to a follow up fairly soon. The tweet from the label, and home base of the legendary Deadmau5 contains a strong hint towards Mau5ville: Level 2. While we're not quite sure what the track list is prepped to look