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Avicii's Father, Klas Bergling, has recently opened up to CNN about his late sons mental health and how he did not think that his son planned to commit suicide last year. Klas says that he had long talks with his late son last year about Avicii's mental health. Klas says that Avicii (born Tim Bergling), struggled throughout his career with depression,

A recent survey from the Record Union concluded that 73% of independent musicians have experienced negative emotions throughout their career. The news follows a more trending awareness on mental health issues within the industry, following the death of Avicii in April 2018. The industry has since moved to make sure artists feel supported, with Axtone star D.O.D dedicating all profits from

Having already unveiled a staggering number of new releases over the course of 2018, Don Diablo continues to prove exactly why he is so widely respected as an artist. His latest release landed today, and has a great degree of emotion behind it. After the whole of the music industry was shaken by the tragic death of Avicii last month,