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One industry that has forged ahead with innovation over the past few years has been the online gambling sector. With improvements in usability, security, and the quality of games, it is often at the forefront of change, yet seldom gets the recognition it should. As a blank canvas, the metaverse could provide some outstanding opportunities for the sector. Below, we discuss

Cryptocurrencies and the Metaverse may seem like two unrelated concepts, but they have a lot in common. For starters, both are based on decentralized technologies that have the potential to upend the traditional ways of doing things, including helping you wager on ncaaf odds. Let’s look at Crypto and the metaverse: What is the Metaverse? In his novel Snow Crash, Neal Stephenson popularized

When it comes to how we live, work and stay entertained, there is no doubting how crucial technology is now. This is easy to see in the music industry, where modern innovations such as streaming have transformed the sector. Of course, tech such as sequencers and drum machines has also enabled the electronic dance music genre to become established. The latest

The world is changing, and so is the technology that is adapting the way that we live. One of the most important pieces of tech that could have a profound impact on the world as we know it is that of virtual reality, with a number of leading experts speaking about the fact that communication in the future is likely

There's no secret that electronic artists have dominated the NFT space, and according to findings published by the IMS Business Report 2022, this is more evident than ever. 64% of all identified music NFT issues worth $55.4m were issued by electronic artists. By a long shot, the most successful artist in this space was 3LAU. Early on, he released NFTs to

Steve Aoki has been one of the few entertainers, to always be at the forefront of trends, and the artist is always creating movements. The A0K1VERSE is an exclusive membership community that Steve Aoki and his team built 8 months ago, giving perks for collectors, and members that are active in The A0K1VERSE. The artist has been everywhere, from opening his

Warner Music Group, one of the 4 biggest record labels is entering the metaverse in a special way. WMG has bought a big land on The Sandbox where digital concerts and festivals will be held, enabling the record label to become a leader that will set the path for others to follow. This partnership with The Sandbox will entitle the powerhouse

Bootshaus, one of Germany's top clubs, is not getting demotivated with all the lockdowns. Doing what it does best which is overperforming, the Cologne club is welcoming Bootshaus XR which is a new immersive event on January 30, presented by Absolut Vodka. Bootshaus is back with a new digital experience, after the success of Bootshaus VR in 2020 with over 1,000,000

Budweiser is back after immediately selling out their latest NFT collection of the most iconic heritage cans. This time, they are pushing NFTs into the music industry by spotlighting and supporting 22 emerging artists with the release of their collection of 11,000 NFTs. Each artist will be releasing 500 NFTs allowing fans to directly support the artist while gaining exclusive perks which

With the metaverse continuing to grow and more people beginning to invest in NFTs, especially music artists, the door has fully swung open for opportunities inside the digital world. The latest comes from Universal Music Group, as they recently partnered with Genies, an avatar tech company, that will give more artists and fans to connect on a new level. The idea

Never shy from breaking boundaries, Don Diablo has just seen his "most ambitious" venture to date gain fruition in a recent Sotheby's auction. Having already made history with the sale of an hour-long concert NFT (non-fungible token) entitled 'Destination Hexagonia,' the future house music pioneer has taken things that one level further, as his latest project 'HΞXHIBIT III' dubs as