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While electronic producers may rely more and more upon plug-ins and synthesizers than microphones these days, the instrument is still a crucial tool for creators looking to capture the world around them. One of the leading brands in microphone development and technology, Mojave Audio, has revealed an exciting new launch that will surely reset the standard of quality for stereo-paired

sE Electronics BL8 Microphone has been introduced; designed to handle a wide array of tasks and live audio challenges. SE Electronics is a well-respected brand in the audio recording industry. They are known for their commitment to precision engineering, attention to detail, and a wide range of microphones that cater to musicians, audio professionals, and content creators around the world. The BL8

Since it began in 2009, Lewitt Audio has strived to be a leader in audio and recording equipment, providing a line of products that meet the high standards of the artists and engineers who utilize their gear.  The manufacturer is once again looking to showcase its quality and high standard of design with its latest condenser microphone offering. With the release

The award-winning audio company Sennheiser has recently launched its latest USB microphone, the Sennheiser Profile. The microphone is targeted at podcasters, content creators, and streamers who want to elevate the audio quality of their recordings. The microphone is composed of high-quality materials, including an aluminum casing and a metal grille for durability. Its wide range of features allows the user

RØDE holds onto a catalog filled with music production equipment that's operating at a professional level. Their headphones, interfaces, mixers, software, and microphones deliver high-quality results, which is the reason why you'll find this brand in many studios. We're excited to share that the famous RØDE NT1 condenser microphone has been upgraded into the new NT1 5th generation microphone.   | HOT DEAL: New