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O.B is an up-and-coming talent that has caught the attention of many electronic music fans and producers alike. Hailing from the Moroccan town of Marrakech, O.B has successfully toured the world and has performed at major cities like Miami, Amsterdam, and Paris. Aside from his work behind the DJ booth, he has also garnered a huge amount of support for his

Known as one of Sweden’s most talented exports, Mikael Weermets has undoubtedly become a household name within the electronic music scene. His career has been nothing short of impressive with several music producers calling him ‘the next big thing’. Over the years, he has been able to receive multiple nominations and awards for his own productions as well as heavy

Mikael Weermets is a musician in the scene with quite the story. In turn, helping mould the person and artist he is today, where his values and sounds compliment each other rather effortlessly. Emerging from a near-three year hiatus from the scene earlier this year, Weermets' 10 year career started from humble beginnings. Securing his first DJ residency while working as a