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When someone thinks about unreleased Avicii music, a great majority of people will think of 'Stay With You' featuring Mike Posner. Undoubtedly, the combination of Tim's melodic sound and Posner's soothing voice was a match made in heaven. The American artist took to Twitter to reveal that he has a number of unreleased, unfinished collaborations with Avicii. We can help but

Cake tossing DJ and producer Steve Aoki has released a 10 track remix album for 'Neon Future lll.' Just 3 months after releasing his fifth album 'Neon Future III', Aoki has remixed the album and released 10 tracks, cutting 5 tracks from the original album. 'Neon Future III (remixes) keeps the same momentum going throughout the entire album with its high energy, fast buildups and

Following Avicii's death in Oman earlier this year, one of the most tragic realisations of the incident was that the world would not hear any fresh music from Tim Bergling ever again. The production mastermind, responsible for a flurry of the biggest hits ever made, was truly a genius in the studio, but now, his Mike Posner collaboration 'Change A

As the world listens to the already-successful EP Avīci (01), the question of why Avicii shocked the industry by retiring from touring continues to come up and in a new introspective interview with Rolling Stone, the Swedish superstar opens up as he never has before. Ultimately, he was unhappy with "success for the sake of success." In fact, he achingly reveals