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KSHMR is known to one of the top geniuses when it comes to music production skills. In a recent 10-minute tutorial video released by the Indian-American producer KSHMR, he showcases how he made his track "My Life" with an Australian singer Mike Waters. DAW used: Ableton 10  VSTs/Plugins used :  Kontakt Sylenth1 Nexus Spire Stock Ableton plugins Intro & Verse KSHMR starts off the

KSHMR is back with a scintillating new single, teaming up with Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Mike Waters to create; 'My Best Life', out now on Dharma Worldwide. The track, which strays away from the talented producer's signature sound, retains his core elements and crystal-clear production. Incorporating Waters' vivid vocals and acoustic influence, Dhar seamlessly blends their two worlds together, transitioning from smooth guitars in the breaks to