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As the quarantine continues around the world, many people have been left with festival and event postponements/cancellations. Many DJs and producers have turned to online streaming to entertain their fans during this hard time. We, at We Rave You, know the hardship many are experiencing by staying at home and the boredom it might entail. To help our fans get

With Amesterdam Dance Event being around the corner, we have set ourselves to illuminate the most outstanding events during this peerless gathering of world's dance music industry. In order to find out about detailed informations highlighting the top events, please check out our Top 5 ADE series. One of the most prominent events is set to be Tiesto's 6-hour set in order to

Dutch DJ and producer Martin Garrix is internationally renowned for his always electrifying and heart-pumping music. Especially in delivering his sets at some of the world’s biggest festivals, such as Tomorrowland and Ultra Music Festival, Garrix seems to have a knack of effectively pleasing the crowd. Aside from these live performances, however, the young superstar also delivers some incredible mixes

Over the past few years, KSHMR has become a household name within the realm of dance music. With prominent releases such as “Secrets”, “Jammu”, and “Bazaar”, the Indian-American producer has continuously risen to the top of the league and has successfully proven himself to be one of the industry’s most creative and dynamic artists. Showcasing his talents once again, KSHMR recently