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American songwriter, singer, producer, and activist Moby just announced the release of his 16th studio album called 'All Visible Objects', scheduled to release on 6th of March on Mute. He promises to donate all proceeds to various charities and organisations, each individual track will benefit a different charity. It will include some environmentally focused organisations like Brighter Green, the Rainforest

Almost two decades on since its release, 'Natural Blues', a track by American music producer Moby has been taken on by electronic brothers Showtek who have reworked the track with an epic edit. 'Natural Blues' was the fifth single from Moby's 1999 studio album 'Play' which peaked at number six on Billboard's US Hot Dance music/maxi-singles sales chart in 2000. Now revived by Sjoerd Janssen and

Moby has been one of the most influential and popular electronic music acts over the past twenty years. A true pioneer who helped bring mainstream success to the genre, his records have been heavily praised by many from all corners of dance music. Enlisting a number of artists from A-Trak's Fool's Gold to remix some of his most classic songs, the

Renowned for their hard-hitting, pummelling sound, Adam Beyer's Drumcode Records have to be one of the most popular techno labels in the world. The label, now in its twentieth year, has always been at the forefront of techno and are known for their top notch releases. In a special remix package, a number of Drumcode artists have been invited to remix the

We first heard a mesmerizing remix of Moby's fabled "Go" by Oliver Heldens' alter ego Hi-Lo and noted the epicness in his remix. It would be very hard to top this one, but Hardwell certainly gave it a try. Still remaining well within the esteemed Moby sound, hints of subtle billows of synthesized lifts reassured Moby lovers that the unexpected partnership had created yet another

During the past few years, Oliver Heldens has clearly grown into one of the biggest superstars within this industry. After breaking through the scene with tracks like "Gecko" and "Koala", Heldens has become a household name in the electronic music community and has gained the prominence he undeniably deserves. With such a triumphant career so far, the Dutch producer has dealt