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Festival season is nearly approaching as we officially count down the days to EDC Las Vegas 2023. We Rave You is excited to reveal our fifteenth edition of our House Music Essentials featuring top-tier artists such as O'Flynn, BINGEWATCH, Panda Pr1me, Modapit, Angelyna Rose, Dainjazone, Redfoo, Martial Simon, Bruno Furlan, and Jakk’d. What better way to celebrate the festival season than to highlight a few producers who are definitely

Back with the eleventh edition of our House Music Essentials, We Rave You is excited to showcase a few top-tier artists igniting those festivals and club shows around the globe. Featuring no other than Bleu Clair, Phantoms, Orbital, Rich Furniss, Modapit, an error occurred and AYOO, 2023 has clearly been on fire with releases.This month has been filled with epic releases in the