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In 2021, it seems as though dance music movies are all the rage, with several documentaries being made about some of the biggest stars in the scene. With Hollywood A-Listers like Zac Efron and Emily Rajatkowski taking centre stage in 2015's 'We Are You Friends', complete with Tchami-influenced soundtrack, dance music movies have never been more popular. Here, We Rave

If you're an avid movie fan then you know 2019 is an exciting year for the film industry, particularly with the all the recent trailers that are hitting our screens. From the next Avengers film to Disney's remake of their iconic Lion King, there's plenty on offer. However, eagle-eyed music fans have spotted a familiar electronic music producer in the

The Chainsmokers are set to produce a movie based on their popular track ‘Paris’. Developing a feature based on their hit with Mickey Rapkin - the author who wrote the book that was the inspiration for the Pitch Perfect franchise - the ‘Paris’ movie will see Nick Krishnamurthy oversee the project for Tri-Star. The Chainsmokers added: "We are beyond thrilled to have launched

Fans around the globe have come to know deadmau5 as a producer who drops new music at a dazzling rate of output, sometimes even releasing several albums in a year. Yet, fans haven't seen or heard any new music from the Canadian producer for the entirety of 2018, besides his amazing 'where's the drop?' LP, which actually contained classically reworked