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8 Colleges & Universities That Have Electronic Music Programs Sometimes you just have to follow your dreams no matter how hard it gets. A lot of people think that their passion won’t get them a great career, so they look for something else to do. Luckily for you, today, you can monetize almost anything! You don’t have to become a lawyer,

Everybody loves music and it can be very varied, ranging from rock, dance, classical, heavy metal, the list is endless but to truly enjoy the music you need to have good audio equipment whether it is in your house or your car. Playing music through substandard speakers or any media device will diminish the quality of enjoyment, it is essential

There are certain assumptions made about the music industry, among them the assumption that music production involves huge studios and expensive computer equipment to get results. While this is, of course, one way of doing it – it is far from being the only way, especially where dance music is concerned. Due to a number of factors, you are no longer

There is a wide array of things many might argue that a guitarist should know. This might be quite confusing for someone who is just starting or is looking to improve their guitar playing skills. To better help you get a hold of what you need to know as a bare minimum that will also keep you on the right

After studying the instrument for a long time and spending sleepless nights creating & writing your music compositions, you've decided it's time to write down your ideas. Musical ideas fill your head and you want to share them with others. Maybe one of your tracks will become a soundtrack for one of the pokies at the National live casino. At this

One of the worst messages that can happen in a producer's life while producing music is definitely "This project contains invalid data over may cause the program to crash" / "FL Studio engine launcher is not responding" when using FL Studio, and "A serious program error has occurred. Live will shut down after this message box is closed

Chris Lake is certainly one of the most colorful representatives of the house and tech-house scene of recent years. His production vision, creativity, and ability to create catchy vibe songs that stay in our minds for months or even years after a single listening, make him an extremely respected and recognizable figure in the electronic music world. This is confirmed

Reverb is one of the most central impacts in sound creation and audio production. On the off chance that you need an expert blend in with a lot of profundities, reverb is pivotal in mixing. In many cases, a harder mission than operating and working with a newly purchased plugin can be to choose the right one, whose availability and diversity