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The Ivors Academy and Musicians’ Union has released a new poll showing that 82% of musicians earned less than £200 ($267) from streaming across all platforms in 2019. This appalling statistic shows the continuing trend of major streaming platforms slashing the value of a stream, and overall, the unfair payouts to artists. The poll included respondents with thousands, hundreds of thousands, and millions

If you are planning to conduct live streams on the giant social network Facebook, this article will provide an insight into Facebook livestreams policies and restrictions on the usage of music in live streams. With the pandemic hitting the live music scene since the beginning of the year, music artists found livestreams a great alternative to music shows and the perfect way to promote

Remember those days when CD-ROM's and even .mp3s were the source to listeners favorite music. Well those days have rapidly changed as streaming services such as Apple Music and Spotify are unsurprisingly dominating the U.S market. With the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) being fully transparent to their audience as they release statistics to end off 2019. They have

Dutch superstar and two-time number 1 DJ Martin Garrix is a happy camper these days. The 'Animals'-producer, who recently grabbed a couple of BUMA Awards for his achievements in his homeland The Netherlands, revealed in an interview with BUILD Series that he 'loves the current state of music'. In the new interview, the 21-year old speaks about today's endless possibilities with

Spotify and Apple Music have monopolized the music streaming industry for many years, bringing in a new form of revenue for artists that contributed towards the recovery of the music industry, which has just begun to grow again after a steady decline. Now another online giant, YouTube, has decided to try and overthrow the two industry leaders, forming a project