Nadia Ali Tag

On this day in 2011, Alesso crafted one of his most jaw-dropping productions of all time, and though there's a popular phrase in the world of dance music than 'big room will never die', that particular sub-genre has, sadly, been slowly fading in popularity since around 2014/15. The term 'EDM', however, - including the 'golden era' of progressive anthems -

Today marks 8 years since Swedish maestro Alesso blessed the world with his unforgettable remix of Nadia Ali, Starkillers and Alex Kenji's monster collaboration; 'Pressure'. While the original was released in mid-February back in 2011, Alesso's take was released some 3 months later, with Calvin West, Clocx, Rene Amesz, as well as Matan Caspi and Eddy Good, also having the pleasure of releasing

Back in 2011, dance music was quickly blossoming into one of the biggest genres in the world with mainstream success from the likes of the Swedish House Mafia and Calvin Harris all signalling the massive popularity of the genre. While talents such as these were all enjoying the huge mainstream appeal of dance music, there were a number of new talents