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Best known for their 2012 iconic hit 'Atom', Italian duo Nari & Milani have stood the test of time as pioneers of the modern-day electronic dance music scene. Picked up by Steve Angello for the first time in 2011 with their acid-tinged track 'Kendo', the duo gathered up incredible traction over the following years. 'Atom' completely revolutionized electro-house and big-room,

One of the most breakthrough electro house releases of all time has just turned five years old. Nari & Milani's magnum opus 'Atom' has graced many a stage across the world over the last few years, marking itself as one of the most supported tracks in modern day dance music. The sheer power behind 'Atom' speaks for itself on the dance floor, turning

Nari & Milani are undeniably two of the electronic dance music scene’s most renowned DJ’s and producers. After gaining prominence from their monstrous 2012 anthem called “Atom”, the Italian duo continued their streak of delivering such high-quality content. Especially with their recent collaboration with Polish producer Tom Swoon titled "Stay Together", Nari & Milani have evidently not lost their marvelous musical

Nari & Milani, the Italian duo behind the now classic anthem 'Atom', are back with their brand new collaboration together with Frenchman Tony Romera. The track, entitled 'How We Do It', will be available tomorrow through Kryder's Sosumi Records, which is quickly becoming renowned for releasing quality free downloads. Tony Romera has had a busy summer full of releases, with original tracks like