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DJ and producer Alok, Brazil's biggest name in EDM, has linked up with two of his countrymen to deliver a booming new single- "Joga Duro". Featuring one of Latin America's biggest singer-songwriter's Ludmilla and rapper Orochi, this unshakable new single comes with plenty of swagger and star power. The song itself is very much rooted in funk, but not the kind you might be thinking

Galantis (real names Christian Karlsson and Linus Eklöw) and Hook N Sling (real name Anthony Maniscalco) have just released their brand new song 'The Best'. For the first time since their 2016 collaborative hit 'Love On Me', the trio is back with yet another uplifting collaboration including vocals from the wonderful Karen Harding, and Christian Karlsson's seven-year-old daughter's adorable debut on vocals. Prior to

Producer, rapper, singer, actor, and DJ, there's few who match the versatility of Idris Elba. Once named in the Time 100 list of the Most Influential People in the World (2016), the multi-talented individual has proved himself an influential figure to electronic dance music, treating it with as much respect and integrity as he does acting. Having arrived on the dance music scene, many would

With the most successful edition of Amsterdam Dance Event well & truly out of the way, hype levels around the world of dance music are at sky-high levels as fans and artists look forward to 2020. Adding to this excitement will no doubt be this week’s releases, with several potential festival and commercial hits being released by the biggest artists in the

The King of music streaming services, Spotify, is beginning to open uploading to artists directly – and they’re doing it for free. At the moment, the feature is an invite-only beta for users of its Spotify For Artists platform. Roughly 200,000 artists are counted in the platform at this time. Music Business Worldwide makes the necessary comparison to SoundCloud, which has reigned king