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If you have never lived the nightclub life or in other words if you never went to a nightclub before then you need to stick with this article till the end because today we are going to tell you some really interesting things about going to nightclubs and why you should also head there at weekends or at least once

Italian producer Marco Carola has found himself in yet another legal dispute on the party island of Ibiza. First appearing before a judge in a court in Ibiza in relation to promoter It's All About The Music SL, the company called for Carola's assets to be seized along with a whopping €4.48 million charge in damages after an alleged contract breach. Carola's lawyer

Recent inspections at two renowned nightclubs in Ibiza have received temporary suspension on their licenses. The San Antonio council has made the decision to suspend licenses for Amnesia and Privilege Ibiza. Diario De Ibiza reports that local officials carried out inspections of the super-clubs in late September and found that both had illegally modified their architecture in order to increase capacity. As a result,

DJ Mag announced its Top 100 clubs yesterday, with a detailed ranking of the world's best dance music venues. Of course, Ibiza dominated the list, with the top-spot crown going to the legendary Space, home of Carl Cox' celebrated residency. All good things come to an end, and so Space sadly closed at the end of the 2016 summer season. However, topping the

After launching a fundraising campaign in order to fight against the closure of the iconic club, Fabric's appeal date has been set. On the 28th of November, a legal battle will be fought to try and save the club. Having raised over £250,000, Fabric revealed in their transparency statement not only their appeal date but also a summary of how

Six metres below the utopian PER AQUUM in Niyama, Maldives, is where the worlds first Underwater nightclub can be found. Debuting in 2012, the truly one-of-a-kind experience has just received a major remodeling, and man is it slick! To arrive at one of the worlds hottest clubs you will require a speedboat before descending via a spiral staircase, not a bad