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In a recent press conference, France Prime Minister Jean Castex announced the loosening of Covid-19 restrictions will begin on February 2nd, with nightclubs able to reopen their doors starting February 16th. This move is a positive sign for France as all nightclubs had to close just last month, ultimately canceling all New Years' parties. Castex said that the control of the

The Scottish government had previously decreed that indoor clubbing events will not resume until at least 24 January, in an attempt to curb the spread of the Coronavirus Omicron variant. The announcement came on Thursday, confirming that outdoor events, such as football matches and concerts, will be permitted to resume from Monday 17 January. However, today news has broke that

The past few weeks the Omicron variant of Covid-19 has been battering the European continent and forced governments to introduce new restrictions which of course affects the live music industry before anything else, this includes the closure around Europe of nightclubs and other nighttime venues.   Portugal is one of the latest countries to introduce restrictions, passing over 10,000 cases each day,

As Covid-19 cases begin to see another spike around the world mainly due to the highly transmissible Delta variant, many venues have implemented certain restrictions once again. The latest coming from France as President Emmanuel Macron and the French Senate announced on July 26th that to enter nightclubs, attendees must show proof of vaccination or a negative test. France has had

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has just announced today (July 5) that most restrictions are being taken away/eased by next Monday (July 12) following a previous delay in lockdown lifting, and this means that after a long wait, nightclubs will finally open in the country. From July 19, nightclubs will be allowed to reopen with no restrictions including wearing masks or social distancing from

A club pilot event for an estimated 2,000 people is set to take place in Ibiza later this month after the regional government approved the proposal from the balearic clubs. After the positive conversations between the local government and the Balearic Nightlife Association, who reactivated their talks after a year of silence, the next step in the reopening process will be

Nightclubs and bars in Scotland are facing up to the government in a legal battle to end limits on venue capacity and opening hours; restrictions that are currently still enforced due to COVID-19. In the country, the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) has launched legal action against the government’s COVID-19 rules, describing them as “no longer justifiable or proportionate.” The current COVID rules read that