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After lockout laws were imposed eight years ago, and the Covid-19 pandemic wreaking havoc on the nightlife in Sydney, a new report has brought to light how one of the world's greatest cities can thrive again. The ‘Global Cities After Dark Sydney Future Proofing Report’ was released on Wednesday by VibeLab Asia Pacific; their mission statement reads: “We exist to support creative

People with specific criminal records will be banned from nightlife areas in Copenhagen, as local police have outlined new plans for safety in the Danish capital. As part of the new proposals, the centre of Copenhagen would be split into four different zones with the famous streets of Gothersgade, Vestergade and Vesterbrogade becoming designated ‘nightlife’ zones, as well as Kødbyen. In these areas,

It seems as though parts of Spain are beginning to re-enter normal life as clubs begin to open in Spanish territories including Madrid, Barcelona, Santander and more. With certain parts of the world having opened their doors to the clubs, Spain follows suit after a plan was erected to outline rules and plans for all 17 regions in Spain which also

Restrictions upon the nightlife sector in Washington D.C. are set to lift later this summer as COVID-19 case numbers have plummeted in the area and vaccinations are well in circulation. With vaccinations well underway in some areas of the world, restrictions are lifting as things move slowly towards normality. In cities across the U.S, that appears to be the case with Washington

The announcement has come this week that Tao Hospitality has acquired Hakkasan Group. Two of the biggest names in Las Vegas nightlife, Tao Hospitality and Hakkasan Group have just merged which means the club scene will become quite the experience.  As stated in a press release, the acquisition is aimed to "create a premium hospitality powerhouse that includes a global portfolio of

Iconic British band Faithless have earned their reputation as one of the most influential electronic acts of the last decade. Having sold over 15 million records to date, Faithless continue to surpass expectations with each new release. Sister Bliss forms one half of Faithless alongside her bandmate Rollo. To celebrate Faithless’ most recent album, ‘All Blessed’, Sister Bliss sat down

Barcelona venues will be trying out 100% covid-free tests to prove the safety of opening indoor nightlife. This system will not require social distancing neither mask-wearing and it could be the perfect solution for music festivals. Tourism is one of the most important industries for Spain. In fact, tourism alone represents up to 12% of the Spanish GDP. More specifically, music-related tourism,

Are you in Ibiza or just curious about the most relevant parties that will take place at the white island? Anyway, stay here and find out the different DJs that will appear. The prices correspond to the selling points you can find around the island, and may include discounts comparing to the original price. If there's no especification, the party will start